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Our music

At VivaVoices we sing a lively and eclectic mix of pop, easy listening, musicals, classical, and songs from around the world, with something to suit all tastes and each term we also include some song requests from the group. You can hear a selection of our music here:

The pop and rock pieces we have sung include music by The Beatles, Abba, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Robbie Williams, Queen, and Duffy. We have sung swing and easy listening pieces by Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Gershwin, and Cole Porter, and folk songs such as Danny Boy and The Skye Boat Song, as well as songs from Africa and other parts of the world. We have sung classical pieces by J. S. Bach, Handel, Mozart, Purcell, Fauré and Puccini, and songs from shows such as Grease, Les Misérables, Oklahoma, Oliver!, and Phantom of the Opera.

At VivaVoices you will improve your confidence as a singer with techniques for posture, breathing, diction, and extending the vocal range introduced through fun warm-up exercises at the start of each session. You can see some of our warm-ups in this video:

Our choirs run for 10 weeks during the autumn, spring, and summer school terms, with different music each term. Details of when and where the groups meet and the joining fee can be found at the top of the relevant page for each group.

We also run several singing workshops days, where we form a big choir of up to 100, learning the songs during the day and then performing them in a charity concert at the end.

We provide word sheets for all the songs free of charge. For one or two songs the sheet music available, if you would like it; this can be purchased from the VivaVoices at the start of term.

Listen to VivaVoices on BBC Radio Suffolk's Mark Murphy Show:

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