“Singing has such great health benefits and singing in the VivaVoices choir is fun with lots of varied songs.”

Joanna Van Kleek

VivaVoices offers corporate choir experiences for businesses and organisations who wish to give their employees a unique and valuable opportunity to come together and enjoy singing as a choir. These can take place in the workplace, or at an alternative suitable venue. 

The VivaVoices choir experience can boost staff morale and well-being in the workplace. It can increase confidence, help to break down barriers, build relationships and create harmony in your teams. It encourages and improves listening, communication and interpersonal skills as the choir members all need to work together to achieve a common goal.

The VivaVoices choir experiences are bespoke and after initial consultation with you to discuss your aims and requirements, will be tailored to your individual needs – from one-off sessions of a couple of hours to more regular sessions over a few days or weeks. You may choose the VivaVoices corporate experience to reward your staff as part of an employee fun/away day or it may be as part of a wider team building project, perhaps leading to a planned performance.  (If you are interested in team building, we can also work with you outside of the choir activities on other team building initiatives. With a number of years’ experience in the industry, Lisa Hopson can assist with psychological profiling and soft-skills training to sit alongside the choir experience.)

Minimum Group Size – 10

For more details please contact us.